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Here I quickly explain how the The Triple M Method actually works... 




~ Stress and Anxiety

~ Negative thoughts, low confidence and feeling disconnected to self

~ Uncertainty about the future, and just going through the motions with no real alignment or purpose

Walk away with…

~ Consistent powerful meditation practice (never have to use an app again)

~ Ability to de-stress and reduce anxiety

~ Practical tools to create more freedom, and shift to confidence and happiness as our default.

~ A shift in your view on self worth and a deeper connection to yourself, you will feel more you again.

~ More decisiveness and confidence about the future. 

~ Clearer direction, more alignment and feeling like you are living a life that means something.

Most people know that feeling anxious, stressed, disconnected to themselves and worried about the future shouldn’t be
normal but don’t know what to do about it
This is what I will take you through.

We’ll work on freeing your mind from stress and anxiety, getting results from your meditation practice and living a life of
and  meaning within 10 weeks

I'll give you everything you need to make that happen,
and nothing you don't.

All you'll need is a genuine willingness to see your life change and implement what you learn.


 We're going to solve the 3 biggest problems that stop people
from living their lives to the fullest: 

~ Stress and Anxiety
~ Negative thoughts and low self worth
~ Feeling disconnected to self and no alignment or purpose






  • Reduce stress and anxiety 
  • Calm your mind
  • Become a consistent Meditator
  • Increase focus throughout your day




  • Strengthen you self worth and confidence
  • Master Mindfulness 
  • Decrease your negative self talk 
  • Strengthen awareness and connection to self




  • Build alignment within your life
  • Uncover your deep purpose
  • Gain clarity within all ares of your life
  • Deepen your connections


IMAGINE feeling free in your days, no longer being held back by stress or anxiety, where your mind is more calm.

IMAGINE you have more clarity and confidence around who you are and your purpose in this world.

IMAGINE you are a consistent meditator who has time to fit it in and understands how it actually works.


What this Course Involves:


~ 10 Weeks of Recorded Content in a FB Group and Your Own Private Portal - this is my step-by-step system to create the life you want. (access for life)

~ Weekly Workbooks - full of journal prompts, content, activities and integration exercises

~ 3 Weekly Live Connection Calls 
(yep thats 30 live coaching calls over 10 weeks)
Tuesdays 7:30pm, Wednesday 9am & Thursdays 1pm (AEDT)

~ Private Facebook Group - access to me through here and the place to connect with an epic group of likeminded men and women

 Starts this month. 


"Wow, I’m much calmer and chilled out. I’ve had a lot of positive shifts happening just in recent weeks where I am more confident setting my personal boundaries in relationships, goals, career etc. and it used to take me a long time to get there. Even my energy is off tap! I feel like I can climb mountains non stop it’s nuts..? That normal?

My Sleep is amazing too"



"I was hesitant to invest, as I hadn't had the best experiences in the past. Janoah has a no-bullshit approach, is extremely relatable and welcomes questions / comments without judgement. I've experienced severe anxiety on and off for 5+ years and this has been the most effective treatment / tool I have ever used. 

The course is the best and I couldn't recommend it more!"



I was sceptical at first about mindfulness/meditation being legitimately beneficial for your mental health and wellbeing. Janoah's course was informative, relaxed and easy to understand. I practice meditation daily, and I’m noticing vast improvements in my sleep, focus, awareness, and energy levels while anxiety and stress levels have receded. I couldn’t recommend Janoah more to anyone looking for an introduction to meditation.

- TOM 

Let’s look at the Triple M Method used to FREE YOUR MIND.

Let's remove any fear just incase you're either unsure if the program will really work for you, or worried that your mind is more crazy than others or that this is a bunch of fairy dust.


Everything begins with a solid foundation (think building your dream house.. It needs a solid foundation) and we do the same here. We use meditation to work at a cellular level and remove stress built up from the past; removing the barriers, clearing and taking pressure off the nervous system and increasing mental bandwidth.

1. We'll start with creating a calm and clear mind.
We focus on the First ‘M’ MEDITATION making sure we're clear on how to meditate properly for best results, you will learn the meditation practice that changes the game.

2. We’ll also help you develop routines so you can become more consistent and weave in techniques to help your body remove stress, tension and fatigue out of the body.

The result? 

You'll be 100% confident in your ability to meditate (even while thinking)
and decrease your anxiety, and manage your stress.

This will help calm your mind and change
the game in your day to day life.  


The second problem we'll work on together is negative thoughts and lack of self worth.

MINDSET is the second Pillar where we start shifting the program we run off. Our reality is the byproduct of our daily brain based habits so this is what we need to start being more aware of and then influencing. 

3. First, we'll help you start to discover your worth, it is not something you have to create or gain, but something that just needs to be understood.  We will take a look at how you view yourself. Imagine being more confident in your decisions and having more value in who you are.  You don’t call in what you deserve, you call in what you think you deserve, let's shift this perspective. 

4. Now we look at your view of the world, this is what defines our happiness, so we’ll actively shift our default mode.  This is where mindfulness comes into play, often people confuse it with meditation, they are different.  You’ve already learnt to meditate and now you’ll become a master at mindfulness, and we will introduce some key easy methods to help you reframe and develop a more constructive outlook that sticks.  


By now, you are meditating regularly which in itself will change the game, but you also have the tools to start rewiring your mindset and will have noticed some shifts. 


The 3rd and final issue is that if you aren't clear on your values, or have a deeper level of meaning in your life you won't feel satisfied, and you will also feel disconnected to yourself and others. We'll help you uncover what living authentically actually looks like for you and what a life of meaning could be. This is something you have for life as a self coaching tool you can revisit regularly. 

The third pillar MEANING.  Without this, what is life? Most of us over complicate it and find it for moments like parenthood or while studying… but then what?  This is why so many of us are not ‘happy’ or fulfilled. Let’s change that.

5. We will use a process to help you find meaning in your life, what gives you purpose. And it won’t be as big or impossible as you think, it’s exciting to think about what impact you can have on the world.

6. Finally, we'll use a brilliant strategy I’ve learnt from past coaches and then refined to help you get really clear on what you stand for and what behaviours align with it. Are you ready to take control of the direction of your life?

This is how you feel like you are really living in alignment and would be proud of the life you lived when you look back while lying on your deathbed.
(look I don’t mean to sound morbid but, it’s happening whether you like it or not, it's up to us what we do along the way.) 

Any one of these things can move the needle immediately for you, and my experience is that ONE of these is going to resonate with you and stand out as the BIG opportunity for you we'll be able to spend more time on that one with you.

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