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Elevate & Empower

 A Women's Only Container

Unlock your true power. Find purpose and alignment.  

Our journey begins October 5th...

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If you’re sick of feeling disconnected to yourself and unsatisfied with your life, knowing there has to be more to it but not sure what it looks like I've got you. 

ELEVATE & EMPOWER was created to help you reconnect not only with yourself but with others.  We will work together on developing a stronger level of self worth and authentic confidence. 

There will also be a component dedicated to healing your relationship with men and the masculine so you can better understand, support and call in that which you deserve and want. 

I created this after spending the first few years of my work focusing on using meditation to remove the barriers to a more expansive life.  As this evolved into more 1:1 mentoring I found there was a certain theme in the people I was calling in and helping to change their lives. 

It was women who wanted more, who were ready to step up and:

  • Connect and embody their true and powerful selves

  • Unlock self worth and authentic confidence

  • Rework the barriers to calling in what they want and deserve; partner, wealth etc

  • Heal their relationship with and better understand men and the masculine

  • Find more satisfaction and purpose in life

  • Get involved with a community of women who are on the same page 

No more ‘This is just how my life is’ or ‘I will try to make a change when things settle down a bit…’

Are you ok with continuing to do the same thing you have in the past and hoping things will just change? 

Imagine feeling free, clear and aligned to your values no longer questioning if you are good enough and questioning why you can’t seem to call in a partner you want or understand the one you have...

I will guide you through the process with a mixture of knowledge, tools and integration.

What could play out from staying the same?

  • You keep doubting yourself 
  • Hold back making decisions to move forward in life
  • Further disconnection with yourself
  • Unfulfilling and confusing relationships with men and the masculine
  • Getting into relationships with people who don’t see your worth, because you aren’t seeing it for yourself
  • Lack of direction, feeling like you just go through the motions of life
  • Less trust in yourself and men
  • Weakened intuition
  • Accumulation of stress, and anxiety 
  • Social life taking a hit due to comparison and lack of confidence
  • You keep hoping that the partner, or money or holiday will change things but you continue the cycle
  • No longer really enjoying life
  • Feel like you aren’t really having an impact and feeling lost
  • Losing your innate creativity and flow
  • Numbing feelings with Netflix, food, booze, social media etc
  • Weaker boundaries allowing yourself to be treated less than you are worth 

What you could gain from making the change!

  • A partner that matches your worth
  • More confidence to back self, decision making
  • Connection to self, find yourself
  • Understanding men / masculine better
  • Purpose / direction and identity beyond being the mum, or partner or your job
  • Less comparison, more trust in self
  • Authentic alignment, not what others / society thinks
  • Financial abundance, independence
  • Implementation and consistency to see change
  • More expansion, happiness, peace, love, freedom, fun
  • Community of like minded women without judgement who support, share, bounce off, nurture, collaborate with


  • Love vs Fear - build that intuition, Shift old beliefs and expand your consciousness.
  • Values & Alignment - discover your values and live in integrity with them.
  • Purpose & Meaning - This is the fruit of life, what mark can you leave on the world?
  • Confidence & Worth - you don’t need it from something external, you just need to unlock and see it.
  • Meditation - you will have access to the full Maverick Meditation Course + the chance to ask questions and refine your practice 
  • Heal the Masculine - I will help you understand how the masculine operates so you can better support, empower and call in the right men in your life. 
  • Connection to self - we'll tap into your feminine energy and develop more self trust, if you can't trust, connect and love yourself and the masculine within you it is going to be hard for someone else to. 
  • Manifestation & Visualisation - we will get some clarity on where you want to head and then put things into motion to get you there. What world do you want to create for yourself?
  • Community - you will be surrounded by a group of women who will be there to support and go through this journey with you.

Will this 8 weeks be the ones you look back on as the time that you decided to completely change your life?

You don’t get what you want in life, you get what you think you deserve and your habits, so if you want something new / better in your life you need to change your brain based habits and worth.

Now our habits are driven by autopilot and over 95% of this is unconscious and driven by our beliefs, identity and thoughts. 

Most people go backwards in trying to make change in their life - they try to change behaviour.

E.g. New Years - I want to get fit, so you go to the gym - research says by week three 92% people have fallen off the wagon. Because people just try to change their behaviour. 

You need to go one step deeper. You keen?

What you get:

8 x live weekly workshops with Janoah on Tuesday nights

Weekly homework and integration 

Journaling Guidelines

Access to full Maverick Meditation Course (value $247)

Private portal access to all the content for 12 months

Private FB community 


So what's the investment for all this?!

BEST VALUE: Upfront Payment of $997 AUD ** Prelaunch Discount $200 valid until 12th September.

FLEXIBLE MONTHLY OPTION: 3 x Monthly payments of $350 AUD

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